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Green Mix Inc.

An alternative asphalt product that is more
environmentally friendly than hot mix. GreenMix
is an advanced cost-effective asphalt product that can help your building earn LEED Certifcation.



Green Mix - Foam Stabilized Base (FSB)
is now available in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Located in Forestville, MD, Green Mix LLC is producing high quality recycled asphalt for use in parking lots and roads.

Our Forestville facility is the very first plant of its type in the US. FSB is currently used internationally on large and small projects. We are working hard to help State Road agencies get the data they need to specify green mix for use in US roads.

ACEC 2015 outstanding project award presented to GRR who's projected methodology for pavement application using Foam Stabilizing Base.

A Product Of The 21st Century
There are a couple of reasons why FSB is becoming increasingly popular. First, is the relatively recent desire to recycle materials instead of land filling our waste products, saving money and being good stewards of the planet.

Over the years, asphalt rubble has been used in limited amounts in the production of hot mix, but not a high enough percentage to use all the waste asphalt that is being generated.

Various mixtures of high percentages of reclaimed asphalt and oil based liquids have been tried, but until now, none have been truly successful. The foaming process is the most effective way to create a stable pavement using low temperature mixing.